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Little Sunny in the company of other new releases, such as Charles Darwin, Star Wars, and Nightwalk.
Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi on the shelf at Sherman’s

Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi is now available in stores and online! All six locations of Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops are carrying Little Sunny, and for out-of-state folks, you can order Little Sunny right from our website—go to our homepage to order a copy! Little Sunny makes an awesome gift for bookworms, kimchi-lovers, and small, curious people alike. Support a local business, support an indie author, and bring Little Sunny into your home. Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Books for sale”

  1. This is a beautiful book! When our grandchildren come to visit this summer we will read the book together and try to make kimchi.
    p.s. I love the little white cat that appears throughout the story.

    1. Thank you, Carol. I believe there are quite a few farms on and around the island where you could buy organically grown napa cabbage.

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