Let’s Make Kimchi at the Ellsworth Library!

Let's Make Kimchi at the Ellsworth Library

The kind people of Ellsworth Library have invited author Jill Lee to give a kimchi demonstration for children (and adults of course) on February 21, 2019 at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
20 State Street, Ellsworth, Maine 04605
Free and open to the public
Watch, try, taste!

Where to find Little Sunny

From left to right: Rooster Brother, Kitchen Arts & Letters, Brookline Booksmith, and Sherman's

Residents of Boston, New York, and the Maine coast can now find Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi in the following stores:


Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops
Bar Harbor
Boothbay Harbor

Blue Hill Books
26 Pleasant Street
Blue Hill, Maine 04614
207 374 5632

Owl & Turtle Bookshop Café
33 Bay View Street
Camden, Maine 04843
207 230 7335

Rooster Brother
29 Main Street
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
207 667 8675

New York

Kitchen Arts & Letters
1435 Lexington Ave
New York, New York 10128
212 876 5550


Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard Street
Brookline, Massachusetts 02446
617 566 6660

And of course, available on our website 24/7. Don’t see your favorite bookstore on the list? Tell them about Little Sunny and help us spread the kimchi experience far and wide!

Books for sale

Little Sunny in the company of other new releases, such as Charles Darwin, Star Wars, and Nightwalk.
Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi on the shelf at Sherman’s

Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi is now available in stores and online! All six locations of Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops are carrying Little Sunny, and for out-of-state folks, you can order Little Sunny right from our website—go to our homepage to order a copy! Little Sunny makes an awesome gift for bookworms, kimchi-lovers, and small, curious people alike. Support a local business, support an indie author, and bring Little Sunny into your home. Woohoo!

Kimchi workshop and a launch party: Little Sunny’s debut!

Some kimchi workshop action: Nicole has her gloved hands in the paste, Kelley is holding a measuring cup out over the paste bucket, and Jill is pouring fish sauce into Kelley's cup.
Nicole, Kelley, and Jill mix the red pepper paste to stuff cabbages with. (Photography by Donna Salisbury)

The five of us—Nicole, Kelley, Donna, Bruce, and Jill—got down and dirty making kimchi all day last Saturday for our first-ever Bar Harbor kimchi workshop. We had such a blast talking about everything from fermentation, Korean chili pepper flakes, and mushrooms to Story Slam, Japanese pickles, and life at school—just like you’d find in any Korean town on the brink of winter. In addition, Little Sunny Makes Kimchi with Halmi proved to be a very handy resource throughout the day.

Bruce is holding his container with one hand and reaching into the batch of freshly tossed radishes with the other hand during the kimchi workshop.
Bruce fills his container with tossed kkakdugi. (Photography by Nicole Ouellette)

We opened up the kimchi workshop with kkakdugi, a spicy kimchi quickly made of radish cubes and a great introduction to Korean ingredients such as Korean radish, pepper flakes, sweet rice flour, and fish sauce. After a brief lecture on a sampling of over 200 known varieties of kimchi in Korea, we moved onto a delicious lunch of fresh bibimbap. Then, we devoted the afternoon to making good old cabbage kimchi, courtesy of Little Sunny.

During the workshop, we discussed the difference between making kimchi with sliced cabbage and making it with whole cabbage, the seafood options available to add, and the health benefits of kimchi. After clearing confusion from discrepancies in online kimchi recipes and being introduced to some of the traditional Korean methods, the four participating Mainers went home with their own jars of kimchi and kkakdugi.

The workshop was followed by a cordial and celebratory evening—the Little Sunny Makes Kimchi launch party! Food, books, company—folks from around Mount Desert Island and beyond dropped by to congratulate us on the publication.

Jill holds up a finished cabbage at the end of the kimchi workshop.
It’s kimchi! (Photography by Nicole Ouellette)

It was quite an amazing way to kick off Little Sunny, and it’s rewarding to know that already we have shared the kimchi experience with several Mainers. With the help of the kimchi enthusiasts gathered at Anchorspace last weekend, we will soon reach many more.

Counter is full of condiments and party food; Jill is handing a book to Scotty looking pleased; Doug is standing with his back toward the camera; Nicole is reading a newspaper at the table; Betsy and Joan are sitting at the table, looking towards Jill and Scotty.
A full table, books, and conversation. (Photography by Joerg-Henner Lotze)

Join us for a kimchi workshop!

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